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EO-S 2451TS
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Ag-Paste Specification
Ag-Paste Specification
Non-volatile contents(wt%) 77.5~83.5
Viscosity(Kcps) 190~220
Sheet Resistance(㏁/□) < 100
Specific Resistance(Ω*㎝) < 7.0X10-5
Thickness(㎛) < 9
Resolution(㎛) 50/50
Adhesion(%) 100/100
Pencil Hardness 2H
Humidity(%) 100/100
Test Condition
Test Condition
ITEMS Condition (Detail)
Test Substrate ITO Film & ITO Glass
Printing Mesh S/T500mesh, Printing Mesh Wire diameter 18um,
Emulsion thickness 10um
Dry condition Film 130℃X30min, Glass 150℃X30min,
Viscosity Brookfield HBDV-II+P, spindle #7, 60rpm at 25℃
Adhesion Cross Cut & Taping (3M #610)
Pencil Hardness ASTM D3363-92a, 750g, Mitsu-bishi pencil
Humidity Test Adhesion after 85℃ X 85%RH X 120HR
Resolution Adhesion & Pencil Hardness